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AMD FirePro™ professional graphics features AMD Eyefinity™, a unique multi-display technology, which enables one graphics card to output high-quality visuals on 3, 4 and even 6 displays from a single workstation or PC. This reduces overall system complexity and allows multiple graphics cards to be combined and synchronized to create massive display walls with 10s and even 100s of screens.

AMD Eyefinity™ Multi-Display Technology can help to

  • Improve Productivity
  • Accelerate time-to-insight
  • Deliver greater impact of your visual communications

AMD Eyefinity White Paper:



Introduction to AMD Eyefinity Technology

AMD Eyefinity for CAD

AMD Eyefinity for Digital Content Creation

AMD Eyefinity for High-End Solutions


AMD Eyefinity Multi-Display Technology for

  • Single-user WorkstationsOpen or Close

    Superior Visual Experience for Demanding Workstation Applications

    AMD Eyefinity technology gives you more visual real estate to view large scale models and multiple applications at the same time in a single, large workspace.

    • Operate 3, 4 and even 6 high-resolution displays simultaneously
    • Independently and flexibly configure various combinations of landscape and portrait orientations
    • Group multiple monitors into a large integrated display surface, enabling windowed and full-screen 3D applications, images, and video to span across multiple displays as one desktop workspace
    • Multiple display outputs enable multiple 3D displays with independent display resolution, refresh rate, and display rotation settings

    Read what IDC has to say about driving productivity with multiple monitors.

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    Recommended AMD Eyefinity Multi-Display Configurations for Single-user workstations


  • Small WorkgroupsOpen or Close

    Increased workgroup productivity with AMD Eyefinity™

    AMD Eyefinity technology helps you and your team to drive results faster.

    • It allows you and others on your team to physically and simultaneously display and view multiple documents or applications for efficient discussion and collaboration.
    • Multi-tasking is easy since you no longer need to flip documents and applications back and forth between windows. It helps improve accuracy and speed your workflow.
    Recommended AMD Eyefinity Multi-Display Configurations for Workgroups


  • Large-scale Display WallsOpen or Close

    Building large-scale Display Walls with AMD Eyefinity™

    AMD FirePro™ professional graphics with AMD Eyefinity is ideal for multi-display configurations requiring the highest visual quality and best multimedia performance. Advanced 2D and 3D visuals, high display densities and dedicated display wall features, coupled with a long life cycle, make AMD FirePro a compelling choice for large-scale Display Wall solutions.

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Supporting Display Technologies

AMD Eyefinity™ implements a number of unique technologies to develop its full potential.

  • 4K/5K Display Support with DisplayPort 1.2aOpen or Close

    4K/5K Display Support with DisplayPort 1.2a

    AMD FirePro professional graphics cards continually lead the industry with advanced new display output technologies. DisplayPort 1.2 enhanced AMD’s multi-display leadership with Multi-Streaming Transport. With the more recent launch of 4K displays AMD’s support of DisplayPort 1.2 and Multi-Streaming Transport (MST) is being leveraged even further.


    4K displays, like the Sharp PN-K321 Ultra HD LCD monitor with DisplayPort 1.2, use Multi-Streaming transport to support the high-bandwidth necessary to drive 3,840 x 2,160 pixels (4K Ultra HD), with 10 bit per pixel color depth, refreshing the screen at a 60Hz frequency . The AMD FirePro card sends two display streams over to the monitor through one DisplayPort cable. Both streams have a resolution of 1,920 x 2,160 pixels with AMD Eyefinity technology used to combine the two streams into one massive 3,840 x 2,160 display surface.

    Available UHD / 4K Displays:

    ASUS PQ321Q (31.5”, 3840 x 2160, 60Hz via MST)
    Sharp PN-K321 (31.5”, 3840 x 2160, 60Hz via MST)
    Dell UP3214Q (31.5”, 3840 x 2160, 60Hz via MST)
    Dell UP2414Q (23.8“, 3840 x 2160, 60Hz via MST)
    Seiki SE39UY04 (39“, 3840 x 2160, 30Hz)
    Dell P2815Q (28”, 3840 x 2160, 30Hz)
    Lenovo ThinkVision Pro2840m (28”, 3840 x 2160, 30Hz)

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  • 10-bit ColorOpen or Close

    10-bit Color

    Display devices with a greater bit depth than the conventional 8-bits per color channel are rapidly gaining popularity in application areas such as medical imaging, professional photography, graphics design, movie production, and entertainment in general. What makes these devices attractive to a wide array of fields is their ability to represent colors with a greater fidelity than it is possible with conventional display devices. This means what we see in the real world more accurately matches what we see on the screen, ensuring that design and diagnosis errors due to monitor limitations are minimized.

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  • HD3D Active Stereo TechnologyOpen or Close

    HD3D Active Stereo Technology for Professionals

    Stereo 3D is a technique highly valued in a number of professional use cases, where the additional information conveyed by stereo viewing enhances productivity and/or enables capabilities that are not possible otherwise.

    Some examples include:
    • Computer Aided Design: many Many CAD workflows can benefit from enhanced depth perception afforded by Stereo 3D. In particular cable and/or pipe routing (in buildings, aircraft, etc.), object depth is a critical cue for the workflow.
    • Digital Content Creation: clearly the highest profile area for Stereo 3D at the moment is the explosion of Stereo 3D content created for movie theaters and increasingly home consumption. This leads to a need for Stereo 3D capability throughout the production and post-production pipelines.
    • Data visualization: the visualization of abstract or real-world data can often benefit from Stereo 3D. Examples span from visualization of financial data to geospatial data (oil and gas exploration, national intelligence analysis).
    • Virtual reality: environments for providing immersive training programs gain a significant step up in realism by providing extra information via Stereo 3D.
    • Molecular engineering: the visualization and comprehension by molecular scientists, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry, of complex molecules is critical to enhancing the productivity of workers in this field.
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  • Display Output Post-Processing (DOPP)Open or Close

    Display Output Post-Processing (DOPP)

    Display Output Post-Processing (DOPP) is an AMD OpenGL® extension that lets users of AMD FirePro™ workstation cards grab the desktop directly as a texture and manipulate it in an almost infinite number of ways before it is output to a display.

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  • Low-latency SDI I/O and DirectGMAOpen or Close


    With the increasing prevalence of GPU-based video processing in professional video domains, it is increasingly critical that low-latency (real-time), high-throughput links be established between the various components of video processing systems. This is particularly true for the GPU itself and the interface boards providing video input and output capability from those systems.

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    Leading hardware vendors already support AMD's DirectGMA technology, including:

    • AJA Systems
    • Bluefish444
    • Datapath
    • Deltacast
    • Blackmagic Design

    If you would like more technical details or access to the DirectGMA SDK, feel free to contact us at:
  • Direct to GPU Image Acquisition from CamerasOpen or Close

    Direct to GPU image acquisition from cameras equipped with modern CoaXPress and CameraLink interfaces

    Nowadays more and more cameras equipped with high speed CameraLink and CoaXPress interfaces are allowing data rates of up to 25Gb/s. Leading frame grabber manufacturers now support AMD DirectGMA technology allowing image acquisition at these high data rates directly into GPU memory, enabling reduced overall processing latency and freeing a lot of system RAM bandwidth and CPU cycles.

    DirectGMA together with Stream and OpenCL™ libraries from GPUOpen initiative helps improve performance and opens up new possibilities in the areas of machine vision for factory automation; multi camera systems for 360 cinema and VR; scientific high-speed image acquisition and others.

    Machine vision for factory automation will benefit by rapid and enhanced image recognition, which can result in improved reaction time of the manufacturing equipment.

    Multi camera systems for 360 cinema and VR will benefit by reduced camera to head mounted display latency so important in VR.

    Scientific high-speed image acquisition will benefit by the possibility of image processing at the ultra-high (hundreds of fps) frame rates.

4K Display Support (3840x2160) 5K Display Support (5120x2880)
Single Input Connection Dual Input Single Input Connection Dual Input
Physical Display Outputs Total Displays supported with AMD Eyefinity and DisplayPort 1.2a1 Total of 4K Displays at 60Hz (MST) Total of 4K Displays at 60Hz (SST) Total of 4K Displays at 30Hz Total of 4K Displays at 60Hz Total of 5K Displays at 30Hz Total of 5K Displays at 60Hz
AMD FirePro W9100 6 (Mini DisplayPort) 6 3 1 6 3 6 3
AMD FirePro W8100 4 (DisplayPort) 6 3 1 4 2 4 2
AMD FirePro W7100 4 (DisplayPort) 6 3 3 4 2 4 2
AMD FirePro W5100 4 (DisplayPort) 6 3 1 4 2 4 2
AMD FirePro W4100 4 (Mini DisplayPort) 6 3 1 4 2 4 2
AMD FirePro W2100 2 (DisplayPort) 2 1 1 2 1 2 1

AMD Eyefinity Case Studies:

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