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Real-time 4K color correction is one of the most-demanding visual computing applications today. In order to give colorists the creative freedom and performance they demand in their projects, Blackmagic Design, AMD and Supermicro can bring the graphics and compute power of AMD FirePro™ professional graphics to DaVinci Resolve for Windows users.

Using OpenCL™ cross-platform technology, it is now possible to unleash the massively parallel processing power of up to four AMD FirePro W9100 GPUs to deliver over 20 TFLOPS of single-precision compute performance for real-time image processing and advanced color correction effects.

Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve is the world’s highest performance on set, editing and color correction solution. DaVinci Resolve 11 is the latest and has been developed to simplify the integration of different software tools used in the film and television industry and features upgraded on set tools and editing features, support for OpenFX plug ins as well as new tools for delivering final project masters to cinemas.

DaVinci Resolve supports more real time color correction than any other system because it’s not limited by the performance of the computer it’s running on. DaVinci Resolve eliminates this performance barrier because it’s based on a cluster of high performance GPU cards, so all processing is always real time.

DaVinci Resolve has the power of a true real time performance solution so handles complex color grades even when using dozens of primaries, secondaries, Power Windows™, multi point tracking, blurs, and more.

DaVinci Resolve provides incredible performance in a low cost solution which can be easily upgraded by adding extra GPUs for supercomputer power to handle 4K resolutions, stereoscopic 3D and real time grading direct from raw camera files such as ARRI RAW, RED RAW and Sony RAW files which can be handled with ease.

The close partnership with AMD has resulted in a unique solution that utilizes the multi-GPU compute power of up to five high-end AMD FirePro W9100 GPUs and gives colorists the unlimited creative ability for beautiful looking images.

black magic And amd firepro at ibc 2013

Learn how AMD FirePro and Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve can greatly improve the efficiency of your workflows.

“It is exciting to see the performance our customers will get using OpenCL™ on AMD's GPUs. OpenCL™ acceleration handles the heavy work of debayering CinemaDNG files offering Blackmagic camera customers real time playback, online editing, grading and finishing. And with OpenCL™ support in DaVinci Resolve 10 for both Mac and Windows OS, you can use up to five GPUs with a single Resolve, giving absolutely amazing real-time performance."
Grant Petty, CEO, Blackmagic Design


A powerful solution

DaVinci Resolve 11

Hollywood’s most powerful and creative color correction

SuperMicro® Workstation

SuperMicro® Quad-GPU Personal Supercomputer (SYS-7047GR-TRF w/ 4x PCIe x16)

AMD FirePro™ W9100

Up to 4x AMD FirePro™ W9100 professional graphics cards with 4x 16GB GDDR5


“We’re excited to collaborate with AMD and Blackmagic Design on leading edge 4K video production solutions that deliver exceptional power and performance. Combining Supermicro’s high performance workstations, AMD FirePro professional graphics acceleration and Blackmagic Design’s best in class broadcast technologies, video professionals can unleash their creativity in Ultra HD resolution without compromise in productivity.”
Don Clegg, VP/GM at Supermicro



The advanced AMD Graphics Core Next (GCN) GPU architecture can handle graphics and compute tasks simultaneously with each GPU delivering over 5 TFLOPS of single-precision compute and 3.7 Billlion Triangles per second graphics performance. Supermicro supports four double-wide PCI Express 3.0 graphics cards at full bandwidth in their top-of-the-line Personal SuperWorkstations. This powerful combination provides the performance and stability needed to get your color grading projects done faster and with better results.


Ahead of the curve with PCI Express® 3.0

The latest AMD FirePro professional graphics cards are PCI Express 3.0 compliant, helping reduce system bottlenecks and providing users more bandwidth on heavy workloads.

AMD Eyefinity Technology - Ready for 4K Displays

With support of the latest DisplayPort 1.2 standard, AMD FirePro graphics cards with AMD Eyefinity technology can now be used with the latest 4K monitors and enable workflows that provide incredible, life-like details of your 3D models.