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For companies considering centralized computing solutions, AMD FirePro™ S-Series server cards equipped with Multiuser GPU (MxGPU) technology provides a safe, easy and cost effective way to virtualize the enterprise environment.

With the industry’s first hardware-based virtualized GPU solution, organizations can virtualize almost any type of application, from simple everyday office programs to complex, workstation class software. Users will have access to a full-featured, virtualized GPU with support for accelerated OpenCL™ GPU compute, and other graphics APIs such as DirectX® and OpenGL.

Keeping IT Simple

The AMD Multiuser GPU works with hypervisors to provide ease of installation. IT managers and system administrators setting up a central server within an enterprise environment can easily implement and configure the AMD Multiuser GPU. Our solution is easy to scale to meet the needs of a growing enterprise, supporting up to 16 users on the AMD FirePro™ S7150, and up to 32 on the AMD FirePro™ S7150 x2 depending on workload. Simply add them and go. IT managers and system administrators do not have to worry about entering into a technology license or paying additional fees whenever a new user is added.

Keeping Data Secure with AMD MxGPU Technology

Unlike software virtualization, AMD’s hardware-based virtualization solution makes it even more difficult for a hacker to break in at the hardware level. For organizations that highly value security, the new AMD Multiuser GPU is a clear option to go with for their virtualized workstation needs.

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Delivering the Most Value for Your Investment

With users not having to worry about entering into a technology license or paying any fees, enterprises get the full economic benefit of VDI with AMD FirePro S7150 or S7150 x2 Server GPUs.

Full-featured, Virtual GPU

Users will have access to native AMD display drivers for OpenGL, DirectX® and OpenCL™ acceleration, enabling them to work as they need. Anything a user was able to do on a local machine, they can now do in a virtualized environment using AMD’s new Multiuser GPU technology.

The Right Fit for Your Organization

Introducing the New Family of AMD FirePro™ S-Series GPUs with MxGPU Technology

  AMD FirePro™ S7100X Server GPU AMD FirePro™ S7150 Server GPU AMD FirePro™ S7150 x2 Server GPU
# of users supported Up to 16 Up to 16 Up to 32
Memory 8 GB GDDR5 8 GB GDDR5 16 GB GDDR5 (2 x 8GB)
Memory Bandwidth 256 bit 256 bit 256 bit
Form Factor MXM Single slot, full height, full length Dual slot, full height, full length
Supported Hypervisor VMware® ESXi™ 6.0
OS Support Windows 10, Microsoft® Windows 8.1, Windows® 7, and Linux® (32- or 64-bit)
API Support DirectX® 11.1, OpenGL® 4.4, OpenCL™ 2.0

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