AMD has a full range of high resolution, high bit depth, multi-display solutions that are designed to help medical administrators streamline their work environments, adopt new, leading-edge technologies to improve patient treatment throughout and achieve a high standard of care.

For years medical imaging workflows have required two or three displays: one to display patient information and office applications, typically a lower resolution color display, and one or more high resolution monochromatic or color displays for reviewing patient scans. Multi-display solutions can help medical professionals work more efficiently by quickly viewing more information at once, as well as help diagnose patients accurately and prescribe appropriate treatments.

AMD Eyefinity multi-display technology enables medical professionals to efficiently diagnose patients by viewing several sets of information across multiple screens without application switching and window-sorting.

AMD Eyefinity configurations

Four monitors portrait and landscape (4x1)

One extended desktop up to 6,400 x 2,560 resolution

Three monitors landscape and portrait (3 x 1)

Two portrait monitors of any resolution plus one hi-res 2,560 x 1,600 landscape display

Three monitors landscape (3x1)

One extended desktop up to 7,680 x 1,600 resolution

Four monitor array (2 x 2)

One giant extended desktop or a setup for design /review with displays mounted on a wall - up to 5,120 x 3,200 resolution

Five monitor array (5x1)

A long extended desktop across five displays – up to 6,400 x 1,600 resolution

Six monitor array (3 x 2)

A massive video wall, for digital signage and large presentation set ups – up to 7,680 x 3,200 resolution

AMD FirePro™ graphics enable high quality, high resolution 10-bit grayscale 2D output for medical imaging professionals, providing 1,024 shades of gray, while delivering high performance 3D acceleration. These enhanced visual capabilities are enabled by one AMD FirePro™ graphics card, minimizing cost and complexity for IT while enabling radiology professionals and doctors to make highly accurate diagnoses. In order to benefit from the increased bit depth of medical display devices, the graphics cards (display controllers) used to drive them should be capable of outputting higher bit depth information.

AMD FirePro™ workstation graphics cards support 10-bits per color channel (or 30-bits per pixel) video output. They can transform and send 10-bit data to corresponding displays for an unprecedented level of color support, representing images and data with incredible sharpness and clarity. Combined with a 10-bit display, the “real world” colors achieved can help medical professionals accurately analyze content.


High-resolution imaging and detection technologies enable more precise, swift and timely diagnoses, limit the number of invasive and unnecessary procedures and support preventive care. Each day medical imaging professionals depend on workstations, displays and AMD FirePro™ workstation graphics cards (display controllers) that allow them to see more colors and shades of grey in greater detail. AMD collaborates with leading display vendors to further these essential medical imaging technologies to help improve diagnostic capabilities and patient treatment.

“We selected AMD as our technology partner because of the leading performance of its AMD FirePro professional graphic solutions. Our exclusive and unique relationship with AMD allows us to build on their proven technology, with performance enhancements unique to Barco and clinical features to configure solutions tailored to the needs of the healthcare market. AMD’s graphics performance, together with Barco’s industry leading displays and management system, delivers a true win/win for our customers”

Lynda Domogalla, Vice President, Healthcare Division, Barco

AMD and barco

For more than a decade, Barco has relied exclusively on AMD FirePro workstation graphics cards (display controllers) to power its diagnostic displays. Our companies work together to help address customer mandates, whether it's extending the life of older technology, or undertaking a redesign of existing graphics cards in response to customer requests, or enabling new cutting edge features. Further, Barco expands on the AMD FirePro unified software driver to include technologies and features unique to its displays, ensuring the best possible experience for its customers. Bottom line - AMD and Barco are committed to providing the best visual experience possible for the medical imaging community.