Cloud gaming is soaring to new heights. As the world becomes more connected than ever before, the demand for streaming content continues to grow by leaps and bounds. The new AMD Radeon™ Sky Series graphics cards and AMD SKY technology bring the AMD Radeon gaming experience to the cloud. With consideration for performance, quality and latency, AMD Radeon Sky Series with AMD SKY technology helps enable cloud gaming service companies to stream console-quality gaming experiences to any device around the world.

Introducing the radeon™ sky 900

This state-of-the-art card will deliver cutting-edge graphics technology that ultimately sets the foundation for driving the best gaming experiences, regardless of the platform gamers choose to play on.

Key Benefits

High Density Performance

Stream up to 6 simultaneous games at once on a single AMD Radeon™ Sky card.¹ Have the capability and flexibility of playing anything from casual games to AAA titles.

High Quality Multi-Game Streaming

Each game stream can support up to 30 frames per second, and users can play their favorite games at 720p HD resolution without noticing performance differences compared to traditional PC gaming.

AMD Radeon™ Advantage

Raise the settings, increase the resolution, and play the best games on the best hardware. Gamers streaming from the cloud can get the full AMD Radeon™ gaming experience they’ve come to know and love on any device they choose, from anywhere with the help of AMD’s SKY technology. Experience the latest DirectX® 11.1 games and retain access to unique AMD enabled features, like TressFX.


AMD is committed to supporting gamers, game developers and cloud gaming service providers to deliver innovative technologies, embrace open industry standards and to help the gaming industry create the best possible cloud gaming experience – whether gamers choose to stream games to notebooks, tablets or smartphones.

AMD is collaborating with the following cloud gaming service providers to bring to market exceptional cloud gaming experiences for occasional and advanced gamers alike.

Seeing is believing.  Watch how AMD Radeon Sky graphics with SKY technology bring cloud gaming to life, enabling low-latency, high definition gaming on entry-level devices


  • AMD SKY TechnologyOpen or Close


    AMD SKY technology is a “secret sauce” of hardware and software that enables cloud gaming partners to benefit from an open API that simplifies the manipulation of key hardware controls to provide HD visual quality, minimal latency and optimal network bandwidth resulting in a compelling and responsive gaming experience from any device over the internet. In line with AMD’s commitment to industry standard APIs, like OpenCL™, DirectX® and OpenGL, an industry standard API for cloud gaming can help to align the industry around one platform and drive continued innovations that benefit the industry at large.

    A unique offering of AMD SKY technology, the AMD RapidFire SDK facilitates the use of AMD’s independent on board H.264 encoder. Select AMD Radeon™ Sky graphics cards are capable of encoding multiple simultaneous streams of H.264 at different resolutions and quality settings without significantly impacting GPU performance². With the AMD RapidFire SDK, cloud service providers and middleware cloud gaming vendors can seamlessly stream AAA titles or casual games over the Internet to a variety of consumer devices. The AMD RapidFire SDK helps provide the flexibility of delivering multiple game streams at HD resolution. The end result is a console quality gaming experience on virtually any device – including smartphones, smart TVs, tablets, notebooks and desktops. The benefit is a consolidated data center running an optimal number of games per GPU.

    Learn more about SKY Technology
  • AMD Graphics Core Next (GCN) ArchitectureOpen or Close


    Engineered as the world’s most advanced graphics, the GCN Architecture is the industry’s first 28nm GPU design, and was built from the ground up to enable more than unprecedented gaming performance.

  • High Performance, High Density StreamingOpen or Close


    With AMD Radeon™ Sky Series graphics cards cloud gaming service providers can support up to six simultaneous HD game streams per GPU¹, helping to maximize available space in cloud gaming data centers.

  • DirectX® 11.1 SupportOpen or Close


    DirectX® 11.1 is the very latest in high-speed, high-fidelity gaming and computing. Featuring technologies like Compute Shaders, Direct3D, Multithreaded Rendering and Tessellation, DirectX® 11.1 can enable not just more visually stunning games, but take advantage of all of the features and performance improvements enabled in Windows 8.

  • Energy Efficient DesignOpen or Close


    AMD Radeon™ Sky Series cloud gaming cards feature intelligent power monitoring and management technologies. AMD PowerTune technology enables higher clock speeds and better game performance, and AMD ZeroCore Power technology allows the GPU to consume virtually no power when in idle state³.

  • Passive CoolingOpen or Close


    Designed for silent operation, and simplifies thermal design for servers.


  AMD Radeon™ Sky 900 AMD Radeon™ Sky 700 AMD Radeon™ Sky 500
FORM FACTOR Full Height/Full Length Dual-slot Full Height/Full Length Dual-slot Full Height/Full Length single-slot
CORE CLOCK SPEED 825 Mhz 900 Mhz 950 Mhz
MEMORY INTERFACE 384-bit 384-bit 256-bit
MEMORY BANDWIDTH 480 GB/s 264 GB/s 154 GB/s
MAX POWER 300W 225W 150W
BUS INTERFACE PCIe® 3.0 x16 PCIe® 3.0 x16 PCIe® 3.0 x16
DIRECTX® 11.1 11.1 11.1